Top 10 Mini Dehumidifiers For 2017
Mini dehumidifier 500ml for bathroom

Check our best mini dehumidifiers list for 2016-2017 and find the best one for your home.

Water Tank
Dehumidifying Area
Rating Score
68oz 10 sq m 8oz per day 5
17oz 4.9
12oz 670 cu ft 4.4
14oz 883 cu ft 6oz per day 4.3
16oz 1100 cu ft 9oz per day 4.3
50oz 17oz per day 4.3
6oz 333 cu ft 4.2
17oz 8.5oz per day 4.2
27oz 10oz per day 4.1
16oz 1100 cu ft 6oz per day 4

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