How to size a dehumidifier for the apartment

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How to size a dehumidifier for the apartment or house

High humidity in the apartment or house is a frequent problem in the autumn-winter period. It can be caused by poorly installed windows and problems with ventilation or poor thermal insulation and waterproofing.

What is the purpose of a dehumidifier? Excessive humidity can cause the appearance of mildew, cause damage to plaster walls and wallpaper. The easiest way to quickly and reliably reduce humidity – is to buy a portable dehumidifier.

Home dehumidifier – how it works

1. Performance of dehumidifier

Performance of each dehumidifier is a measure of the amount of water that can be removed from the air. It’s usually measured in pints / day or less pints / hour.

To place an area of 98 square feet, you will need a dehumidifier capacity of not less than 21 pints / day

Determine the capacity of the dehumidifier may be required by the formula: 0.7 * space of the room.

The calculations presented above is quite arbitrary, since it all depends on the specific circumstances, such as a bathroom or sauna dehumidifier need more power, and in areas with humidity close to the optimum – less.

2. Noise

Since we are talking about domestic air dryers, which in most cases are used in apartments and houses, the noise level is an important feature, which is worth paying attention to, because by the desiccant is too loud, you risk losing a restful sleep.

The noise made by the majority of household dehumidifiers, hovering around 40-50 dB is acceptable for premises. If above the noise level is unacceptable to you, then you might consider buying a small mini dehumidifier. The performance of such dehumidifiers is quite modest – 7-10 pints / day, and the noise from them is much less within 30-35 dB.

3. Design

The design of portable dehumidifiers can not be considered the main characteristic, which is based in the selection, but it is worth remembering that most of the air dryer has a fairly large size (its size sometimes can be as a small ottoman) and it will hardly to hidden such from dehumidifier from view.

4. Useful functions that you should pay attention

– Antibacterial filters. Many models are equipped with carbon filters for air dryers or UV lamps that clean the air from bacteria and neutralize odors.
– Built-in humidistat. A very useful feature that allows you to constantly maintain the humidity level at a given level, it is possible to eliminate the drying air.
– The size of the condensate tank. A large tank will be useful if the air dryer is used in a very humid environment or a sauna bath.
– A filling tank indicator. It can switch off you dehumidifier, when the tank is full of condensate.

If there is an another problem in your home – too dry air due to heating, we recommend you to buy a humidifier.

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