Friedrich Dehumidifiers

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Friedrich Dehumidifiers

Have you ever noticed people living near the equator, or who are based out of coastal regions always complain about the humidity? Humidity is the amount of water vapor condensed in the air otherwise referred to as “relative humidity”.

It can make people feel very uncomfortable making their hair frizzy and mostly tends to dampen everything around them, even their moods. This damping effect can bring a mushy smell to the house, increasing the number of pests and seriously decreasing the structural integrity of the house. To reduce these effects of humidity, dehumidifiers are used. Dehumidifier is a home appliance which scales down the percentage of humidity in the air.

There are essentially two types of dehumidifiers in the market today. The desiccant dehumidifiers are rare, but are inexpensive and compact. These are named after their use of drying material (silica gel) to remove moisture from the exposed air. They are mainly used in places with lower humidity levels. Unlike the desiccant ones, the mechanical dehumidifiers are quite big sized, as they house both hot and cold coils and a bucket to collect the expelled moisture all in one box. The advantage of using a mechanical dehumidifier is that one can adjust the temperature, and the humidity level for comfort.

Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier

One such mechanical dehumidifier is Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier. This Friedrich dehumidifier is ENERGY STAR qualified, and the main feature of this particular model is that it is programmed to absorb 70 pints of moisture per day (33.33L/day). The Friedrich dehumidifier has built- in drain pump to ditch out the condensed water either vertically or horizontally upto a range of 15 feet. The continuous drainage feature allows one to set definite levels of humidity (30% to 90%), as controlling of humidity is very important. This model also sports a removable condensate bucket with a handle for easy removal of condensed water. Mounted with digital touch controls, it is easy to use and to operate. The screen displays room temperature (in F or C) and humidity level. The installation is also effortless as it is equipped with a 6’ power cord and plugs into an 115V outlet for easy home use. The price of this Friedrich dehumidifier is $268.00 and is in stock with

There are various factors which go into selecting the apt dehumidifier for your home, such as the size of the unit, dehumidification capacity, tank capacity, brand, price etc. The size of the room too matters when selecting a dehumidifier, as larger the room results in larger the capacity of moisture to be removed. If the room requires automatic humidity setting i.e; the dehumidifier switches on/off to a preset humidity value, then it should have a built in device known as the humidistat. This appliance is always prone to airborne dust particles and hence uses a filter. This filter should be easily accessible for cleaning. Lastly, dehumidifiers should be placed correctly in the room according to the placement of the air went in the dehumidifier for proper circulation of air after the dehumidification.

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